Garden easy nursery

Clean and Green is our Perfect Dream


Seasonal Items

Earthenware – Handi, tawa” , Water Matka

Festive Gifts

Festive Gifts for Diwali(diyas,lamp,etc), Navratra, Ganapati and Christmas(Christmas tree)

Gardener/Lawn Maintainer

Experience Gardener for home service – per site visit – chargeable per hour / per day basis (Plant Care in absence of House Owner)

Garden Tools

Garden  Tools  for  all  purposes.


Vermi compost – decompost – organic manure

Flora Collection

Various kinds of indoor and outdoor plants available.


Various kind of Pots which include ceramic , earthen, teracotta, plastic, fibre, procelain, recyclable material (tyres, bottles etc)

Gift Items

Special Plants for exchanging gifts for house warming ceremony, felicitation programs, anniversaries (wedding, birthday)

Special Plants

Special Plants – Cactus, Succulents, Aquatic/water Plants, Bonsai, climbers and garden creepers


A few things we’re great at

Here are a few things which will help you understand  why to choose garden easy nursery. These are the feedbacks recieved from customers.

Positive Resopnse

We have always recieved positive response from our customers ,so you can rest assured that our services have good quality.

Quick Delivery

We have quick delivery option for all available plants ,pots and tools. we also offer to set up everything  the way you want at your place.

Satisfied Customers

Our customers are very satisfied by price and service qaulity and refer people to select our nursery for any event.

Beautiful garden

We decorate gardens,take care of plants and also take water test for health of soil.Flowers from nursery are simply beautiful.

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